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So what happened to Alphonse in the end? Was he able to return to his original body? Well, this is the part of the shrine where I practically spoil the ending, yep the ultimate spoiler page.

As far the story goes, Alphonse was able to sacrifice his soul from his armored body after he got severely beaten right after protecting May Chang when the Homunculus of the Flask practically tried to wiped out a huge part of Amestris. At that time Alphonse couldn't move anymore because his armor were in pieces. The blood seal which binds his soul to his armor was nearly broken from the cracks that it attained from the huge explosion. He asked May Chang to help him transmute his body in order to save his older brother Edward who couldn't move and couldn't transmute because his right metal arm is also in pieces. Yep, The shattered metal Elric brothers.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

Of course, Alphonse knows that it is painful to ask May Chang this favor of assisting him to transmute himself because to May it's like helping your love one to die. Alphonse also knows that it would angered his older brother a lot, but in Alphonse's view: he doesn't have a choice because Edward would die. And because Alphonse is dying as well. He chose his brother's life than himself. That's how Alphonse's dedication to Edward is. At the start of the story, Alphonse had told Edward that he has to live to save people and until now this is what Alphonse thinks: Edward has to live to win against the Homunculus of the Flask to save people. It's not just that he doesn't have a choice, but it is his choice to offer himself in order to help Edward save the people they love. And because he hugely believes that if he reverse the transmutation that his older brother sacrificed his right arm for his soul years back after they committed the human transmutation, he knows that his souls will go back to his original body. Which means that it is up to Edward to get him back and save him inside the Portal of Truth.

* Portal of Truth is where Alphonse's original body resides. It is the place where his soul would go and return in his original body.

Of course, Edward was able to return Alphonse's back. Edward defeated the Homunculus of the Flasks, and the Truth himself. Edward sacrificed his alchemy in-exchange for Alphonse. You might think why Alphonse didn't die? Well, if Edward wasn't able to bring Alphonse back, Alphonse will live inside the portal of truth and still get a little nutrients from Edward and just waiting because his body was just taken.


Nope. The ending of the series is not a happy ending for Alphonse yet. It's only just another beginning of a chapter in his adventures in life. We can say that it is a happy ending because he got his original body back and was able to eat Winry's apple pie which he had been dreaming to eat after he gets his original body, but the fact that he got his original body back means that there is also a way for people who was turned into a chimera to get back to their original bodies. Also, Alphonse learned to create their own law which overpasses the law of equivalent exchange.

My brother and I met so many wonderful people in our journey, people like Mr. Hughes. I've come to realize how much happiness they brought us.

→ Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist volume 27

Alphonse decided a law with his older brother, Edward which comes into conclusion that if they are given 10 and gave 10 back which follows the law of equivalent exchange which alchemist follows, then they don't give nothing in return and it only equals to zero. However, if they are given 10 and added back 1 and give 11 in return, then they could give back something like an appreciation in return. The brothers are trying out this law in order to give back the happiness they had recieved in their past journeys from people who were helping them to achieve their goal. All in all, they are now trying to help out other people by following this new rule. They want to give back what they had recieved.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

You might be thinking, why not just help out without basing it with a law? Well, to Alphonse who has been an alchemist since he was very young, the law of equivalent exchange is something like an air to him. And because he had received so much "happiness" without giving something back in return, the only way to repay the happiness they had received before is by adding 1 back to the rule that they came up with. So, I think their new rule still follows the law of equivalent exchange.

If this armor could live on by becoming someone's arm or leg.. that would make me happy.

→ Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist volume 27

Alphonse recieved his armored body back in Resembool. Alphonse treats it like a friend or a companion to his journey, so keeping it locked up in the attic is not something what Alphonse planned to do with it. Alphonse decided that his armor should be melted into automail parts so that it will still live on accompanying other people like how it accompanied him in his journey. When I read that last chapter about his armor, I was totally in awe of Alphonse's decision. He's such a nice guy.

As to his life, Alphonse decided to go to the country of Xing to learn the Purification Arts and go further and learn different kinds of alchemy. Once he meets Edward who journeyed a different path, he wishes to save the people who suffered because of alchemy. He practically decided to live his life saving people. It's like his journey on finding a way to bring back his original body is a realization that there are other people who are victim of alchemy just like him who were looking for a way to find their own answers. And because Alphonse is a survivor to that, it's now his calling to save those who are still victimized by the negative aspects of alchemy.

Vocabulary *Resembool is a the peaceful hometown of Alphonse Elric.
*Xing is a country in the East.
*Purification Arts is a type of alchemy that is focused on healing and medicinal usage.