why alphonse elric?

I love Alphonse! That's the only explanation why I created this shrine. I was only 14/15 in 2003 when I started to watch the first anime adaption of Fullmetal Alchemist. I grew up with the series and followed it in every episodes, chapters, movies, you know why? It's because of Alphonse. ( And Edward too of course!) One of the reasons why I stick with the series, not only that the plot and other characters are amazing, but I wanted to know wether Alphonse would be able to achieve his goal. He had suffered a lot in the series and protected a lot of characters which assisted his development and maturity in the series. It was exciting following the series because every chapter takes your breathe away.

Through the series, Alphonse had made me laugh, cry, and jump-of-my-chair! I also have a weakness for brotherhood relationship and almost all my fandoms are in that genre. The reason why is because of Alphonse and Edward strong love and support for each other. And because the series ended, I crave for more Ed and Al relationship-likeness.

I also admire Alphonse because he is the total opposite of me. I am a bit selfish and I have to try just to be kind to strangers, unlike Alphonse who is naturally nice. I guess the only reason why I admire Alphonse so much is because I want to be like him.