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One of Alphonse's major struggles in the story is keeping everyone around him alive. Although he accepts the fact that there are couple of times when he is powerless enough to not be able to save a little girl who was turned into a *chimera or a chimera who was killed inside him, Alphonse still finds strength to never give up even though he himself is severely beaten up in a battle. He will still fight head on and do what he can in order to save a life. This is what makes Alphonse really special. He will give up his life just to save people.

I'm sick of.. watching people die because of my weakness!! I won't let another person I care about be killed-- not if there's anything I can do to protect them!!

→ Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 10

This is what I love about Alphonse! He cares for other people rather than himself. Or is it just his way to pay for his regrets for not being able to save Nina (a friend whos life was played at and died right under their nose) or Maes Hughes ( a kind hearted military man who died because they share their knowledge about what they learned in laboratory 5 about Homunculus and the Philosopher's stone ). Well of course not! It's not Alphonse's job to protect every single one of them, but Alphonse is just selfless and kind to acknowledge the fact that he must protect anyone he can with his power because kindness is just in his nature.

Although Edward is strong enough to fight independent battles, Alphonse still manage to fight while protecting his brother. Most of the time, Alphonse's quick reflexes would transmute things to catch his brother like a huge stone hand even if he is being attacked himself. Also Alphonse would always catch his brother from falling because sometimes Edward gets out of balance when he fights. This is the reason why Edward fights aggressively because he knows that Alphonse is there to back him up.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

What makes Alphonse even more special is his talent for being a great resource of strength. Most of the time, if someone is already cornered by the enemy and could not find the energy to fight anymore, they usually would give up. However that is not how Alphonse is. Giving up is not in his vocabulary. He would show his stubbornness on people who would tell him to give up on them and save himself instead, or they are giving up their lives. When *Lt. Hawkeye learned that his precious Col. Mustang died from the hands of Lust ( a homunculus ), Lt. Hawkeye gave up after using up all her bullets. Before Lust could attack Lt. Hawkeye, Alphonse took the stand and protect her from being killed by *Lust. Alphonse took all the attacks and proclaimed that he will not give up if he can still do something to protect her even if he himself is becoming powerless against Lust. Also, at the later part of the story, Alphonse protected *Heinkel who was already bleeding to death while Alphonse himself was already helpless. Alphonse told Heinkel that he won't leave the old man be if he still can protect him.

You gotta face reality fool.. we're up against Kimblee and Pride. Leave me behind.

→ Heinkel, Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 22

Alphonse is as stubborn as his brother! As I have said, even though Alphonse is beaten up himself, he will not give up on saving someone unless he dies. That's just how immensly great Alphonse is. He has a huge heart that he would even make himself as a bait to the enemy just to save the others. Alphonse even sacrificed himself as a bait to trap *Pride inside a cave without an opening which his father *Hohenheim transmuted just to let everyone other than Alphonse escape Pride's aggressive and strong attacks. I guess the word selfishness is not in his vocabulary.

Alphonse is one of the "5 Human Sacrifices" that *the Homunculus of the Flask have picked from all the Amestris alchemist. The 5 Human Sacrifices must have experienced committing human transmutation or who had opened the gate of truth. They are hand picked only to be used as a pawn from the evil plans of the *Homunculus of the Flask in his effort to claim the power of the god/Truth and take all the souls of the people in Amestris to create millions of Philosopher's Stones. ( Because Philosopher's stones are strong energy from human souls, millions of it are needed so that the Homunculus of the Flask has enough energy to contain the power of god/Truth. )

Pride had said that the reason why they picked Alphonse as one of the human sacrifices is that not only he committed human transmutation and is a talented alchemist, but because he has a strong heart. Alphonse could never turn his back away from the people of Amestris and leave his country. They know that Alphonse would fight to protect and never leave Amestris. That means that Alphonse has the package, they won't have a hard time finding then using Alphonse when the Day of Reckoning starts.

Vocabulary *A chimera is a single creature that contains two distinct cells.
*Lt. Hawkeye is Col. Mustang's personal assistant and is also a supporter of the Elric brothers.
*Col. Mustang is Edward Elric's commanding officer.
*Lust is one of the 7 homunculus and enemy.
*Heinkel is a chimera made up of human and lion cells. He is also an ex-military personnel.
*Pride is one of the 7 homunculus and enemy.
*Hohenheim is Alphonse's father.
*Homunculus of the Flask or also called as Father by the Homunculus. He is the person who created Homunculus and who is the person behind the creation of the country of Amestris.
*5 Human Sacrifices are selected people who had committed Human Transmutation or have seen the gate of Truth.
*Day of Reckoning is the day of the eclipse where the Homunculus of the Flask would take over Amestris.