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It wasn't quite clear wether Alphonse ended up with May Chang, the 17th crowned princess of the country of Xing, but you can tell that May is the girl given to Alphonse by the author. Both Alphonse and May share the same qualities which makes them adorable together.

May Chang May Chang May Chang

May traveled the dessert and came from *Xing the land in the East to Amestris. Because his father, the emperor of Xing, is dying, they are sent in a quest to find the secret to immortality to save their clan. When May came to Amestris in Yousell, he hears about the popular talented and kind state alchemist knows as Edward Elric. May traveled to Central City of Amestris to find her "imaginary prince" of a state alchemist that could help her in her mission.

Alphonse and May first meeting was not romantic or fluffy ( ..well because this is a shonen manga ), but it was somewhat funny instead. When Alphonse and Edward were in pursuit of *Scar in the effort to bring *Homunculus to show up in the scene, a tiny girl with a different kind of alchemy shows up to protect Scar. She first kicks Alphonse on his side while Alphonse lets this china-looking girl beats him. Alphonse couldn't fight the girl because.. well.. she is a girl. Alphonse was also startled and bewildered by where the girl came from and why is she protecting Scar, and also because she is using an alchemy that they have never seen before.


After Edward and Alphonse were beaten by a tiny girl, May accidentally left her cat ( it actually looks like a small panda. Every single one of the characters in this series call it a cat. ) behind. Since Alphonse has a fetish for cute tiny things especially cats, Alphonse picked up May's pet named *Xiao Mei. I think it's a symbol and a connection for Alphonse and May. It just means that pretty soon, they will meet again.

When May (accompanied by Scar) was on her way to find her beloved Xiao Mei, they found Alphonse with *Gluttony one their way to the sewers. They followed Alphonse secretly, however, right after they got into deep in the sewers, they found themselves surrounded by hundreds of chimeras. It took long before May and Scar manage to reach the place where Alphonse had went to. It wasn't that long when May had heard that the *Fullmetal Alchemist is in the same room as her. With her excitement from seeing Mr. Edward, all her expectations crumbled when she learns that Edward is a scary tiny little man instead of the princely matured Edward she imagined.

May got beaten up in her battle against *Gluttony, but she was saved by Alphonse and was brought to Dr. Knox's house to recover. When May learns that Alphonse is the younger brother of the scary Mr. Edward, May tells that Alphonse's original body must be scary as well. Alphonse proclaims that he does NOT look scary at all and he has a gentle face unlike his older brother Edward. Alphonse describes that he has short and clean cut hair, and that he is more kind looking that his brute older brother. And again, May was able to imagine Alphonse as a beautiful young prince with sparkling smile surrounded by flowers.

Although May had found his prince from Alphonse's description about his physical appearance, May's love for Alphonse had started to develop from the kindness of Alphonse. And because Alphonse always protect May especially from getting killed. Also because May follows Alphonse wherever he go in the latter part of the story which even more put May in danger. In the latter part of the story, Alphonse would constantly become May's protector and would even sacrifice himself just to protect May.

May Chang May Chang May Chang May Chang ALPHONSE PROTECTING MAY IN VOLUME 26 AND 27

May is probably the second person to experience lost and intense suffering after Alphonse sacrificed his soul for Edward's right arm. It was May who, at that time sitting beside him, was the only person that Alphonse could ask for help. May's alchemy could transmute from one place to the other unlike Alphonse who could only transmute near him. After Alphonse had protected May from the *Homunculus of the Flask's strong blow, Alphonse armor was severely beaten. His blood rune which binds his soul into his armor was also nearly broken by the cracks of his armor torso. Alphonse did not have any choice. Instead of dying, he transmuted his soul back to his original body in the Portal of Truth with the help of May's alchemy. May at first couldn't do what Alphonse requests her to do because she knows that she will never see Alphonse anymore. But she also didn't have a choice because she couldn't say no to Alphonse.

Right after the battle between Edward and the Homunculus of the Flask, Edward found May crying beside Alphonse's empty armor. May was in intense pain and kept saying that she was sorry because she felt that she was the reason why Alphonse was gone. Everyone understood that May was not at fault and it was all Alphonse's decision. After a few minutes, Edward came to understand what he has to do and was able to bring Alphonse back.

I'm sorry. I know I put you through a lot.

→ Alphonse Elric, volume 27

May Chang May Chang May Chang

Vocabulary *Xing is a country in the east beyond the dessert that use alchemy for medicinal purpose.
*Youswell is a city in the eastern part of Amestris that is known for coal mining.
*Scar was an ex-state alchemist murderer and a revengeful Ishvalan who helped defeat the enemy in the latter part of the story.
*Homunculus are the immortal enemies that looks like human but is powered by philosopher's stone.
*Xiao Mei is May's tiny pet cat.
*Gluttony is one of the 7 Homunculus and enemy.
*Fullmetal is Edward's state alchemist code name.
*Dr. Knox was one of the scientist/doctors that killed innocent life in the previous war.