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Alphonse Elric Even though Alphonse looks like a huge buff guy in a protective armor who could beat anyone to death, Alphonse would never kill. As I have said, he is a nice guy, but Alphonse would never back down from a fight if an innocent life depends on it. In the early chapters of the story, Alphonse would warn his enemies not to shoot at him because the bullets would ricochet or he would just let his brother attack and just make his enemies fall into sleep by punching them on the face. Alphonse usually fights in defense if the enemy is weaker, but if its the opposite and the enemy is strong, Alphonse would attack right away.

In the early part of the story, Alphonse would still have the need to draw transmutation circles to transmute unlike Edward who just claps his hands when he transmutes. The reason for this is because Alphonse had forgotten his memories when he entered the gate of truth. After he was unable to save Martel, a chimera who was killed by Bradley when Marcel was inside Alphonse, Alphonse was able to get his memories about the gate of truth back. He was able to attain the knowledge of transmuting by clapping like his brother which made him even more stronger during a fight. Also, Alphonse has quicker reflexes than Edward which is surprising because he has an armor body.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

The battle between Alphonse against Pride and Kimblee from volume 23 is my favorite battle scene of Alphonse because 1.) He was fighting alone. 2.) He was fighting against a homunculus and a talented state alchemist at the same time. 3.) He was able to show his excellent skills and precision. 4.) He was fighting for the people who was victim of the creation of Philosopher's stone. 5.) He played a plan and his enemies went exactly into his trap.

Vocabulary *Gate of Truth is the door that separates the Portal of Truth (a white place/space where the Truth resides) and their world from each other. The gate of truth also contains memories and alchemy knowledge.
*Truth is an unknown white creature who gives judgements to alchemist who tries to overuse their alchemy and try to overpass God.