Alphonse grew up in a peaceful town called Resembool. As a kid, Alphonse always follows his brother around. They learned alchemy by snooping around their father's study. Their father left them when they were very young. When their mother, Trisha realized that her sons are both talented when it comes to alchemy, she tells them that she is proud of them all the time. Because they get more attention from their mother as they pursue alchemy, Alphonse with his older brother Edward became little geniuses in their town. Edward though was more gifted than Alphonse, but by looking up to his older brother Alphonse still pursue alchemy as much as Edward.

Alphonse Elric Alchemy Alphonse Elric Alchemy Alphonse Elric Alchemy

However, because of a plauge their beloved mother died. Alphonse's older brother, Edward told him about the Human Transmutation. That the alchemy that they have been enthusiastic about has a power to ressurect the dead. Alphonse went along with his brother's idea and pursued it as they learned more about alchemy when they were taken as students by Izumi Curtis. After they learned the principles of alchemy from terrifying lessons with their monstrous teacher, Alphonse came back to their hometown with his older brother. By then, they started their research about the procedure of Human Transmutation.

Alphonse Elric Alchemy Alphonse Elric Alchemy Alphonse Elric Alchemy

I don't care what the toll is! Take my other leg! or my arm. Take both of them! You can even have my heart. Just.. Give him back!! He's the only family I have!!

→ Edward Elric

The process backfired and rebounded. Alphonse lost his entire body while his soul was inside the thing that they transmuted. As Edward realizes that Alphonse is not in his sight and is missing, Edward transmuted Alphonse's soul and contained it inside an armor from his father's collection. Edward was already bleeding to death because he lost his left arm from the human transmutation, and lost his right arm when he bounded Alphonse's soul inside the armor. Conscious that he was now an armor, Alphonse saw his older brother bleeding to death. He carried Edward to granny Pinako, a family friend of the Elrics and an automail (mechanical prosthetics) engineer. Edward survived the incident and insisted to have automail surgery for his left leg and right arm. Edward promised Alphonse that he will bring his body back to normal no matter what.

Okay. Only if you get your body back too, big brother.

→ Alphonse Elric

After one year, Edward became a State Alchemist after following Roy Mustang's offer to him when Col. Roy Mustang found what they had done. At first, Alphonse planned to take the State Alchemist exam as well, but Edward had to dropped the idea because Col. Mustang told them that there is a huge possibility that the military might found out about Alphonse being an empty suit of armor and because Edward thinks that Alphonse shouldn't carry another heavy responsibility and burden.

Vocabulary *Human Transmutation is an alchemical procedure that could resurrect the dead. This is one of the taboos in alchemy.
*Automail is a mechanical prosthetic arms and legs.
*Automail Engineers are the people who creates automails and help those who lost a part of their body and replacing them with mechanical prostetics that would move on how they want it.
*State Alchemist are alchemist who undergoes a serious exam to work for the government as the Fuhrer's personal alchemist. They are also given a rank equal to a Major.