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Alphonse Elric As you can tell from the image on the left, in a glance, Alphonse is a gigantic and somewhat a frightening armor. Alphonse's armor came from his father's collection that resided in his father's study room until the incident came about. A serpent's logo which his older brother, Edward, carries on the back of his red flashy jacket, can also be found painted red on Alphonse' left shoulder. Alphones' armored body is his punishment for trying to bring their deceased mother back to life by the use of human transmutation, one of the taboos of alchemy. Even though that's the case, Alphonse never see his life half empty. Even though his body is an armor, he still manages to find things that he could do to protect his friends by having that kind of body. Alphonse is strong when it comes to one on one battles. As a matter of fact, Edward have said to almost anyone in the series that he hasn't won a sparring fight against Alphonse. unless he cheated! Alphonse's armor is also handy when it comes to protecting his older brother or his friends from bullets or sword attacks. However, having an armored body is "like a ticking bomb" for Alphonse. He doesn't know when he will die or when his original missing body would take his soul back. He cannot eat, sleep, or feel. Although he feels lonely for not being able to cry or feel the warmth of the people who are compassionate to him, Alphonse still looks ahead and helps his brother on their journey to find a way to bring back their original bodies. This is what I love about Alphonse. He is positive and strongly believes that his older brother Edward would be able to find a way to bring their original bodies back.

At the first part of the story, Alphonse wears a tiny pouch which can be found on his right leg. I've been trying to find an image of his bag from the manga but I only find a glimpse of its white belt. In his bag contains a small notebook which Alphonse write the foods or other things that he want to eat or do when he gets his original body back. His notebook symbolizes Alphonse' strong hope. Inside his notebook are the things that he looks forward to and it also helps him gain strength to pursue his goal.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

Inside Alphonse' suit of armor is a small alchemy transmutation circle which was written with blood by Edward which binds Alphonse' soul to his armored body. The symbol is very important because if it is sliced or damaged, it will remove Alphonse' soul from his armor. Edward has a theory that Alphonse' original body is still existing somewhere and not rotting away like Alphonse' feared it would be. Edward told Alphonse that their souls intertwined when they committed the alchemical taboo, the human transmutation. *Human Transmutation is an alchemical process which is trying to resurrect the dead by alchemy. And since they are brother's it's not impossible for Edward to be giving nutrients to Alphonse' original body because Edward eats and sleeps a lot, and also because Edward is small for his age.

Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric Alphonse Elric

Between the Elric brothers, Alphonse is pretty much the good looking one. Well because Alphonse keeps his hair short and clean unlike his brother Edward who takes over their father's looks. Who doesn't like neat looking guys? Not only Alphonse is the nicest character, he is also the handsome one. Not only that, Alphonse has a kind and innocent face and is usually found wearing a sweet smile.

Vocabulary: *The Incident mentioned above will further be explained in the story part of the site.
* Serpent's logo is an alchemical symbol of a cross and a snake which means healing.
*Human Transmutation is an alchemical process which is trying to resurrect the dead by alchemy.